Cosmotheist Affirmations

Cosmotheist Affirmations
These are to be studied, memorized and recited daily by Cosmotheist believers. These Affirmations are also to be recited aloud, in unison by Cosmotheists at the beginning of each gathering to reinforce our Purpose, which is the Creator’s Purpose: 

  • A:1 There is but One Reality.  
  • A:2 That is, Reality is the Whole.  
  • A:3 It is the Creator, the Self-Created.  
  • A:4 I am of the Whole.  
  • A:5 I am of the Creator, of the Self-Created.  
  • A:6 My Purpose is the Creator’s Purpose.  
  • A:7 My Path is the Path of the Creator’s Self-Realization.  
  • A:8 My Path is the Path Divine Consciousness.  
  • A:9 My Destiny is Godhood.

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  • Anonymous

    Superb. Free of any jew’s mind poison religious dogma and death cult suicide pacts of islam and christianity, yet absolutely spiritual.

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