Lies and Consequences


from the American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 3, 1999

by Dr. William L. Pierce

YOU KNOW, there’s one thing you can say for the Jews: they do have a sense of humor. They had a real comedian dream up the name “peacekeeping mission” for the murderous forays they send United Nations and NATO troops on. Their gangs of mercenary killers are called “peacekeepers,” but wherever they go to enforce the will of the New World Order they cause bloodshed and suffering, and nowhere is that more true than in Serbia. (ILLUSTRATION: NATO bombing in Serbia)

The Jews undoubtedly are greatly amused by the ease with which they are able to deceive the Gentiles in such matters. Madeleine Albright announced to the world as she and her gang began their murderous bombing of Serbia in March that they were doing it for “humanitarian” reasons, to keep the Serbs from mistreating Albanians. She said this with a straight face, the news media people reported it with straight faces, and certainly a substantial portion of the Gentile public believed her, while the Jews were laughing up their sleeves. I mean, the real Serb persecution of the Albanians in Kosovo didn’t commence until after Madeleine’s bombing started, and it was in direct response to the bombing. The Serbs had just finished thoroughly trouncing the KLA following an attempt by that group last year to seize control of the Serbian province and force the Serbs out. There had been no large-scale ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. The KLA was planning a large-scale ethnic cleansing to get rid of the Serbs, but the Serbian army whipped them before they could do it. And in whipping the KLA, the Serbs undoubtedly were very rough on some Albanians in Kosovo they suspected of collaborating with the KLA.

Ethnic hatred between the Orthodox Christian Serbs and the mostly Muslim Albanians has smoldered for centuries in the Balkans: really, ever since the Albanians and some other ethnic groups in the region were converted to Islam by the invading Turks in the 15th century, while the Serbs and other groups held out against the pressure to convert. Those who converted gained favors from their Turkish overlords, but they also earned the undying hatred of those who refused to convert. Life under Turkish rule was rough and humiliating for the Serbs. Their young women were subject to being seized and taken off to some Turk’s harem, and their young men were subject to being seized and forced to become janissaries in the Turks’ army. Despite the ethnic hatred, the Muslims and the Christians managed to coexist most of the time. Some villages were Muslim, and some were Christian. Some neighborhoods in the larger towns were Serb, and some were Albanian.

When Albanian nationalists decided to attempt to take Kosovo away from Serbia last year, the hatred flared up, of course. And some Albanian civilians suspected of collaborating with the KLA got rough treatment from the Serbs. Last year the controlled news media in the United States made the most of a few instances of murdered Albanian civilians which they discovered. It is unfortunate that such things happened at all, but there are brutal people among both the Albanians and the Serbs, and whenever anything happens to upset the always uneasy coexistence between the two peoples, there are likely to be atrocities.

These atrocities committed by the Serbs against the Albanians as the Serbs were fighting the KLA, however, were insignificant compared to what happened after Madeleine began her bombing. Nearly all of the Albanian refugees who fled from Kosovo fled after the bombing began. Nearly all of the killings of Albanians by Serb security forces which are receiving so much media coverage now occurred during Madeleine’s bombing and were caused by the bombing. The Serbs blamed the bombing of their country in part on the Albanians. They understood that before the bombing began the KLA had been acting as a protégé of hidden forces in the West. The Serbs whipped the KLA, and then the hidden forces who had sponsored the KLA caused the bombing to start — and the Serbs took it out on the Albanians.

And so the mass graves of Albanians being uncovered now by NATO troops and blamed on Milosevic, the burned Albanian houses, the various atrocities in Kosovo featured daily on television in the United States now — nearly all of this happened because of the NATO bombing of Serbia. It happened after the bombing began. Madeleine Albright’s war against Serbia did not halt any ethnic cleansing; instead it caused it. Madeleine Albright caused the atrocities committed by the Serbs against the Albanians during the bombing, and she caused the atrocities committed by the Albanians against the Serbs after the bombing stopped, atrocities which still are being committed: Serb women raped; Serb men, women, and children massacred; Serbs kidnaped and tortured in basement torture chambers; Serb houses burned; Serb shops and villages looted.

Madeleine and the rest of the New World Order gang, of course, promised that this wouldn’t happen. NATO was going into Kosovo to keep the peace, they said, to protect the Serbs as well as the Albanians. Atrocities would not be permitted. The KLA would be disarmed. NATO would protect everyone.

As a matter of fact, in most cases NATO troops have just been standing by and watching as the KLA and other Albanians have terrorized, plundered, and murdered the Serbs. Despite the false claims being made by Clinton, Albright, and others on American television, it is clear that General Wesley Clark’s NATO troops are under orders not to fight the KLA. NATO officials are even talking of making the KLA the basis of a new police force to maintain order in Kosovo. That would be like making the Mafia into a new national police force to maintain order in Italy. The KLA is an army of hardened gangsters and terrorists: really, suitable allies for Albright and company.

Anyway, the consequence of all this is that Kosovo province is being ethnically cleansed now, as the Serbs flee in terror. And it’s not Slobodan Milosevic doing the cleansing: it’s the KLA — and Madeleine Albright and General Wesley Kanne Clark and the rest of the New World Order gang which delivered Kosovo to the tender mercies of the KLA.

Perhaps you will remember that in my broadcast three weeks ago, just as NATO troops were beginning to enter Serbia and the Serbian army was leaving Kosovo province, I predicted this. I told you, and I quote: “It’s clear that a lot of Serbs are going to get their throats cut during the next few days, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the controlled news media in the United States will not be showing you any heart-rending views of the victims, and Madeleine Albright won’t be making any statements about the need to protect the Serbs from ethnic cleansing by the Albanians.” That’s what I told you in my broadcast of June 12, as the Serbian army was beginning to withdraw from Kosovo.

And you know, that was not a difficult prediction to make. Anyone who has bothered to learn a little about the Balkans could have made the same prediction. The rule in that part of the world is: disturb the status quo, and there will be hell to pay. Madeleine Albright and the rest of the Jewish filth behind the war against Serbia understood that. They have our Central Intelligence Agency at their disposal, and the job of the CIA is to know what’s happening and what is likely to happen everywhere in the world by understanding local politics and local populations. The CIA and Madeleine Albright’s State Department both have experts on the Balkans to provide advice on such things.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton speaks in front of his statue in the capital Pristina

The Albanian leaders thanked Bill Clinton for the NATO bombing by erecting a statue of him in Kosovo.

So anyway, what’s happening now is not a big surprise for anyone except the eternally gullible American public: the public for whose benefit some Jewish comedian invented the term “peacekeeping force.” Serbia’s Kosovo province has been effectively taken away from Serbia, Serbia has been crippled economically, and the Jews have established a permanent power base in Kosovo in the form of a NATO army of occupation, with the American taxpayers — as usual — paying the bill and not having a clue as to what’s really going on. All it will take to keep the boobs hypnotized is a steady stream of rehashed atrocity stories on American television about what the terrible Serbs did to the poor, defenseless Albanians, and how lucky everyone is that NATO got there to stop the atrocities and keep the peace.

If there is one good thing to come out of this horrible atrocity that the Clinton government has committed against the people of Serbia it is a growth in understanding among the Serbs of the Jewish role in world affairs. At the beginning of the war I was frustrated by the lack of understanding among Serbs of the Jewish role. Our contacts in Serbia were happy to have an ally in America calling for an end to the bombing, but they were not really happy when I spoke about the Jews behind the bombing. They believed that I was introducing an irrelevant factor when I spoke of the Jewish role.

Now I detect a growing understanding. Throughout the Balkans, in fact, the word is spreading, especially among university students and other young people. Jewish organizations in America have been screaming during the past ten days or so about the circulation of leaflets by theology students at the University of Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, which point out that all of the key figures directing the attack on Serbia — U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen, NATO General Wesley Kanne Clark, and the rest — are Jews. And many more Serbs, both in Serbia and in the United States, are now talking openly about Jewish treachery and aggression against Serbia. The headline on a June 22 dispatch from Athens by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reads, “Attack on Jews for NATO bombing reflects growing sentiment in Balkans.”

Jews who fled Serbia — a la Bill Clinton — to avoid being drafted during the war are now saying that they may not return to Belgrade because of the growing anti-Jewish feeling there. If these American Dissident Voices broadcasts had any role in helping the Serbs to understand the Jews, then I am gratified.

Another benefit which may come out of this war will be the education — in some cases perhaps even the radicalization — of the NATO troops stationed in Kosovo. As I mentioned earlier, these troops will be there for a very long time, because peace is one thing they will not be able to keep in Kosovo. It will be a good thing for these soldiers to see firsthand what sort of “humanitarian” mission they are involved in as the raping, killing, and looting of Serbs by the gangsters of the KLA continues.

One officer in the Italian contingent of NATO troops already has had a bellyful of Madeleine Albright’s brand of “humanitarianism,” and he related some of his recent experiences to a daily newspaper in Rome. Last week soldiers in his unit found a Serb woman injured and bleeding from being beaten with rifle butts when she tried to protect her daughter from two uniformed KLA members. After the KLA men had beaten the mother, they tied her daughter’s arms and legs to a sofa and then repeatedly raped her. Finally they stabbed the daughter to death. The Italian soldiers found the daughter’s body on the sofa where she had been raped and killed.

In another incident, Serb women and girls were lined up to get water from a village cistern which had been filled for them by the Italians. KLA members in a nearby group of trees began firing their rifles at the Serb women, striking three of them. The Italians chased the KLA members off and caught one of them. The culprit explained that he and his friends had just been playing a game by shooting at the legs of the Serb women and placing bets on who could hit them with a single shot. The KLA member was indignant that the Italians had interrupted his sport. The officer received an order from his superiors to release the KLA member.

It’s just too bad that most of the folks back in America don’t have access to an independent newspaper and will continue learning everything they think they know about the destruction of Serbia from the Jew-controlled media here.

You know, one of the things I like to do on these programs, because I believe it is especially enlightening, is contrast the coverage by the Jewish media of various news events. For example, I have compared the circus-like news coverage of occasional attacks on Blacks by Whites with the deafening silence in the media when a racial crime is committed against a White by non-Whites. I spoke about the enormous national media coverage of the shooting of a convicted Black drug dealer and his girlfriend by a White soldier in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with the total blackout on the news when a Black gang, the Crips, murdered two young White girls in Fayetteville as a gang membership initiation last August. I spoke about the non-stop, around the world coverage of the killing of another Black ex-convict, in Jasper, Texas, last summer by three Whites who dragged the Black behind their truck, and I compared this news coverage with the blackout on the news when another non-White gang, the Bloods, kidnaped, gang-raped, sexually tortured, and murdered a 14-year-old White girl they grabbed from a bus stop in Denver. I also compared the news coverage of the dragging death in Jasper, Texas, with the total media blackout on the news of the murder of a White woman, Patricia Stansfield, who was dragged to death by a Black in Streator, Illinois. The Black killer’s trial is scheduled for this month, but there’s still been virtually no news about this horrible murder outside the immediate vicinity of Streator.

Let’s compare another two news items. Two weeks ago, in Sacramento, California, someone, still unknown, set fires inside three synagogues. Damage was minimal in two of the synagogues, but the third suffered more extensive damage when books in the synagogue’s library caught fire. The total loss has been estimated by Jews to be as much as a million dollars — all covered by insurance, of course. This arson in Sacramento has been receiving heavy news coverage throughout the United States. I’m sure that you’ve already heard about it several times by now. Leaflets purporting to be from Slavs responding to the Jews’ war against Serbia were found at one of the synagogues, and the Jews have been calling the arson a “hate crime” and screaming for a new Federal “hate crime” law — even though as I prepare this broadcast no one has been arrested, and the arson very well could turn out to be another case of the sort of insurance fraud for which Jews have become infamous — “Jewish lightning” this self-inflicted arson is called in New York. The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms have had more than 100 Federal agents working on this arson case — more than 100 Federal agents.

Now compare this with the news of another crime which happened just a few weeks earlier. Greenwich, Connecticut, is a suburb of New York City. Until two months ago a Jew named Martin Frankel was running a crooked investment service in Greenwich called “Liberty National Securities.” He was doing a few other things as well. Representing himself as an official of the Catholic Church he was collecting donations for a phony “St. Francis of Assisi Foundation,” supposedly to be used to provide medical care for needy children. Using various aliases he was conning a number of small insurance companies into putting their surplus assets into his investment firm. And he was sending enormous sums of money to Israel to be laundered. When police finally closed in on him early in May, he had fled — presumably to Israel — with an estimated three billion dollars in loot. That’s three thousand times the total estimated loss in the three synagogue fires in Sacramento.

Until about ten days ago there was virtually no mention of Frankel by the controlled news media. Finally, the Wall Street Journal carried a report on Frankel in its June 21 edition, and then the Associated Press released the story, and it’s been in a few other newspapers around the country since then. Just four days ago, on June 29, Frankel was mentioned for the first time on television network news in a very brief and sketchy report. That’s nearly eight weeks after he fled the police who came to arrest him. Overall the media coverage of Frankel’s crime has been nothing compared to the coverage of the synagogue fires. I don’t know how many Federal agents have been assigned to the Frankel case, but I’ll bet that it’s substantially fewer than the number assigned to the synagogue fires.

And you know, it shouldn’t be that way. The three billion dollars that Frankel stole from gullible Gentiles is really a lot of money. Theft of that magnitude requires a special aptitude. It’s the sort of crime that merits a great deal more media attention than it has received. It lends itself to all sorts of news coverage that would help sell newspapers and increase audience share for television news programs. A three billion dollar theft by one swindler!: probably the biggest one-man swindle since Joseph talked Pharaoh into letting him have a corner on the Egyptian grain market more than three thousand years ago and ended up owning everything in Egypt. I really think that this aptitude for larceny is in the blood, and I think it would be helpful to all of us if the mass media would tell us more about it.

And Frankel’s theft is not a victimless crime. A lot of people lost their life’s savings. Several insurance companies are likely to be forced into bankruptcy. Insurance rates for many people will increase. When a crook like Frankel takes three billion dollars out of our economy, we all pay for it in one way or another. And it is my belief that the news media have shown so little interest in Frankel for just one reason: he is a Jew, and he has connections to Israel. If he were a Gentile, then his story would be all over the television screen. What do you think?

Every time I raise this issue of Jewish control of the mass media and its consequences, I get two reactions from Jews and their allies. First, they’ll tell me that it’s not true, that they don’t really control the media. Then, after I begin naming names, and they see that they can’t sustain that lie any longer they’ll say, “Okay, so we control the media, but it doesn’t mean anything. We’re just independent businessmen. We don’t conspire with each other to manipulate public opinion or control the political process.”

But you know, that’s a lie too. They do conspire, and their conspiracy has consequences: terrible consequences, and not just for Serbs.

* * *

Source: National Alliance

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  • Belgrade

    Nice article! Thank you!

  • Reghin

    Very interesting article, God rest him.
    I knew Zionists were behind communism and their unspokalbe crimes, more than 60 million deaths. That they supported Churchill, manipulated Roosevelt and them selves declard war on Germany pushing for WWII. That they triggered the WWI also. That they set the stage for the French revolution, even inventing the “Liberty, equlity, brotherhood” motto.
    Israel means “the one who fights agains God”, given to Jacob. It says a lot about their mindset…

  • Leon Napo

    Peacekeepers and Peacekeeping Mission are examples of what Orwell called double speak or what I call speaking the opposite. Jews created the term hate speech to describe words that evoke in themselves a feeling of hatred toward the speaker. Recently I learned that Germans went to Palestine, Israel and built the infrastructure there. This was before the second world War when Hitler was helping the Jews out of Germany with the full cooperation of Israel to the benefit of both Germans and Israelis. Israel and the Jews sided with Germany during the war until the Germans began to lose. Jews are fair whether friends who invest in both sides and profit either way. Killing Germans after the war hid their cooperative relationship with them, and why they pretend to be victims of German villainy when in fact they were really acting in unison. Jews served in the German military against England and France and the United States as generals, officers, and regular soldiers. Those Jews who did not emigrate to Israel or serve in the military where mostly communists and as such were a problem so Hitler put them to work building munitions inside camps in the countryside. Luckily for these Jews they were spared being bombed in the hell created by the allies. Life in these camps was not bad until the final months of the war when the Americans and English bombed the railways which brought food and supplies. Cyclon B is an insecticide used to kill lice carrying disease. Without adequate supplies the Germans and Jews were unable to control the spread of disease. Millions of Germans died of starvation and disease during and after the war.

    Rest In Peace

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