Dr. Pierce Looks to Future for Dissidents

From “Letters to Editor,” National Vanguard No. 110, March-April 1989:

How Much Longer?

I would appreciate a clarification of your position on just how long the present System will last and what our strategy should be in coping with it. It often seems from the overall tone of NATIONAL VANGUARD that you expect the System to crash of its own accord as a result of the lowered racial quality of American society. At the very least, you assume such deterioration in the standard of living that a White revolt would find enough supporters for a chance of success.

My question: Why do you believe the System must deteriorate so dramatically?

Allow me to propose a counter-theory, which I will call the “Roman Empire theory.” Hans F.K. Guenther and other writers have pointed out that by the time of the late Roman Republic the original semi-Nordic ruling class in ancient Rome had been nearly exhausted. Millions of Hither Asiatics, Negroes, and other dark strains were pouring into Italy and gradually working their way all the way up the social ladder. Even so, Rome hung on for more than 400 years, racially mixed or not. It was clearly a degenerate society in many ways, but it never fell apart on its own. Why can’t America hang on for 400 years too?

So much for the Roman Empire analogy. Here are some very up-to-date reasons why the System here may be able to hang on and maintain a tolerable life-style for its subjects:

First, there is the AIDS epidemic. It may drastically reduce the number of Blacks and non-White Hispanics, who are presently the worst demographic threat to America.

Second, there is genetic engineering. Despite the taboo harped on by Jeremy Rifkin and other Jewish and Judeo-Christian obstructionists, I believe that the barriers to a eugenic application of genetic engineering will fall just as soon as big business figures out how to make big bucks from it. Can you imagine the stampede to have superior children after the first wealthy family in your city has a genetically engineered child who is a handsome Nordic with an IQ of 165? Who will even want to take a chance on a defective offspring after test-tube births become commercially feasible?

Third, there is the rapidly advancing field of robotics. A small elite of White and Asiatic scientists, engineers, and managers may soon be able to create and run a new, robotized industrial-agricultural base which will be able to produce enormous new wealth and subsidize even larger welfare hordes of non-producing non-Whites.

Fourth, we can look forward to a high-tech Federal crime crackdown. We all hope, of course, that the continually worsening crime situation eventually will break the White public’s patience, but there may be a very different scenario here. If the drug problem gets much more out of hand, for example, the government may seek permission from the media masters and other public opinion arbiters to “take the gloves off” and suspend the Bill of Rights. From time to time polls have shown that the public would approve of giving martial-law powers to the police, if that would enable them to clear the streets of rapists, murderers, child molesters, drug dealers, and other criminals. There can be no doubt that the System already has all the money and technology at its disposal needed to find and incarcerate every criminal in America, right down to the pick-pockets. I am sure that the time will come when vote-hungry politicians will propose a “temporary” gutting of civil rights in order to deal with a “crime emergency,” and the controlled media will go along.

For these four reasons, I believe the System will be able to maintain itself for a long, long time. Yet you seem to suggest the development of a state of near anarchy must arise before we can hope to take effective remedial action. Is it wise to build a strategy around your prognosis of rapid collapse?

Alexandria, VA

Editor’s Reply:

Your letter needs a two-part response: first, a clarification of the prognosis implied by our editorial statements; and second, a commentary on your own prognosis.

Criticism on the System is standard fare in these pages. Much of this criticism conveys the message, either implicitly or explicitly, that current governmental policies are self-destructive. And it has been stated repeatedly here that no nation which practices and/or tolerates the abuses which are practiced and/or tolerated in America today can endure for long.

As an example, we have pointed out that the government’s “Affirmative Action” hiring policies have drastically undermined the efficiency of the Federal bureaucracy. The Postal Service has become so Black that it can be kept going only by hiring more and more people to do the work that could be handled by a much smaller number of more intelligent and better motivated employees. The Army has been forced to resort to comic-book training manuals to teach semi-literate, low-IQ soldiers how to operate their weapons and communications equipment.

There are, of course, plenty of intelligent White government workers left, but their motivation and sense of responsibility have undergone a significant change during the past two decades. Rare indeed in these times is the old-fashion civil servant who took his work seriously, tried his very best to render good service, and felt a sense of esprit de corps. This is not a matter of ideology; even the sappiest White liberal supporter of racial “equality” can hardly be expected to do much more than keep on the clock and count the years until his pension, when his fellow workers are carrying on like a pack of baboons and getting the same salary he is. He certainly isn’t going to stick his neck out or put out any extra effort under such circumstances.

Beyond these growing problems of decreased efficiency and reliability are more subtle, but ultimately just as lethal, developments in the moral and spiritual realm. There is the cynicism of a government which affects outrage over South Africa’s refusal to commit racial suicide by handing over power to the Blacks living in that country, yet which smiles with paternal indulgence on the daily slaughter of Palestinian women and children by the gangster regime in Israel. And there is the inescapable shrinking of any remaining sense of personal responsibility on the part of the politicians who present themselves to an increasingly jaded and alienated electorate as “leaders.”

But we have not predicted that collapse of the System is just around the corner. Indeed, we have expressed the fear that it may be able to keep shambling along, zombie-like, well into the next century, while the genetic and moral bases for building a new order continue to erode.

What we have predicted is that governmental efficiency and morale will continue to decline, that the underlying economic problems of the country will grow worse and are not susceptible to the paper-shuffling “cures” proposed by politicians and bureaucrats who will not deal with the real roots of the problems, and that there will be an eventual decline in the standard of living for White Americans of such magnitude that it may present opportunities for new initiatives by racially motivated patriots. In no case, however, have we presumed to tie these trends to a specific timetable.

And we have not indicated that there is nothing to be done by patriots prior to the breakdown of the System. It may not be feasible to recruit a revolutionary army and march on Washington during the next decade, but there are many worthwhile activities which are feasible – in fact, necessary – to the success of any future move to dispossess the System of its power. It is both feasible and necessary to continue disseminating our message of racial identity and racial purpose, through new media as well as old, more and more widely and more and more effectively. And it is both feasible and necessary to continue building the infranstructure which can provide sustenance to future mass actions. The System may not yet be susceptible to being overthrown, but it is susceptible to limited attacks on many fronts, and the opportunities for such attacks will grow with time.

Now let’s look at your prognosis. First, consider AIDS. That, as we have pointed out in these pages, is a disease with a promising future. But you are too optimistic, if you are counting on the God-sent HIV virus to solve our racial problem for us.

“AIDS is a disease with a promising future.”

It is true that one in 24 Black infants now being born in New York City is infected with the virus, and presumably most of these will develop the disease and die from it within the next 15 to 20 years. It is also true that the infection rate is continuing to climb among Blacks, even though it has leveled off for White homosexuals. But despite these statistics, which are consequences of the genetic and behavioral susceptibility of Blacks to the disease, I will be quite surprised if it kills as much as a quarter of the U.S. Black population during the next 30 years.

In the first place, not all Blacks are equally susceptible. The disease may carry away half of the Blacks in New York for us, but the remaining will undoubtedly have a much lower susceptibility. And in other parts of the country the Black death rate will be less than in New York.

Of course, even a quarter fewer Blacks will be a blessing. And there are two additional benefits to be expected from AIDS: In Africa’s Black belt it may kill enough of the population to wreck the urban infranstructure and reduce Blacks to the life-style and population level which existed there before the advent of White colonialism.

And in the United States, by the time AIDS is killing one percent of the Black population per year, Blacks will be sexual pariahs. Even the most brainwashed of White women will be reluctant to expose themselves to AIDS in order to demonstrate their commitment to “equality.” If additional vectors beyond sexual intercourse and needle sharing are recognized, as seems nearly certain, Blacks may be social pariahs as well. (This presumes that the government and the controlled media will not be able to conceal the racial aspects of the disease from the White population much longer.)

Second, your hope for racial betterment through genetic engineering – under the present System – is even more wildly optimistic than your hope for a clean sweep of non-Whites by AIDS.

The things we’ve learned about genes and how to manipulate them are wonderful indeed. But the real possibilities for radical racial betterment don’t require any of this new knowledge; all that is needed is a large-scale, eugenically selective application of in vitro fertilization and related techniques. A precondition for that, however, is a government with a sense of racial responsibility, which we will never have without a revolution.

For as long as we have a society whose ideas are determined by the same minority which controls the media, whose laws come from a totally irresponsible government, and whose morals are based on Judeo-Christianity, genetic engineering will continue to be used to produce new drugs, new strains of bacteria, and new varieties of crops – but not to bring about the racial improvement of our own species. And the in vitro techniques will continue to be used only on a very small scale, and primarily in a racially harmful way, by circumventing natural barriers to conception or pregnancy for reproductively defective couples.

So genetic engineering, with its amazing new products coming from the laboratories, may help prop up the System economically, just as your predicted development of a robotized industrial base may shield it to a certain extent from the declining quality of the work force. But technology alone will not keep the monster alive for another 400 years – and probably not for another 50 years, even if we bar a revolution.

For the System has no soul, no vision, no goal, no guidance. There are factions with agendas, of course: the demented Judeo-Christians, with their inverted values, striving madly to bring about the kingdom of the wretched and the unfit, in fulfillment of the prophecies of the Sermon on the Mount, the yuppies and their already established elders, who are fat and comfortable now, who want to keep the System on its present course as long as it keeps them well fed, and who are oblivious to the racial and moral decay around them; the Blacks, who, still hardly able to believe the total abdication of their former masters after the Second World War, are determined to grab everything they can while the grabbing is good; the queers and the feminists, with their bizarre and tortured view of what the world should be.

And there are the Jews, who with customary arrogance believe they have the whole thing under control and will usher in a worldwide dictatorship under their rule, as soon as they have completed the emasculation of their White rivals.

There also are our “leaders,” the politicians, who will pay lip service to any fashionable goal whose endorsement will yield them good press, but who are genuinely committed to nothing except looking out for Number One.

It cannot last.

I am surprised that you, living in a Washington suburb, are able to take such a blithe view of the future of the System, when its weakness and decay are apparent so close to you. Black drug dealers peddle their poisonous wares openly in a hundred Washington neighborhoods, some within four blocks of the White House, and the capital’s Black mayor consorts openly with them. There are nightly shootouts between rival drug gangs, and the role of the Washington police seems to be limited to carting away the bodies and hosing the blood from the sidewalks.

And look at what’s going on in Washington’s government offices after 25 years of Affirmative Action hiring and promotion: one sees sheer insanity and chaos – and total irresponsibility by the “leaders” who know that they are in a mad world and so feel no responsibility to it.

It must not last.

“The time is coming to muzzle the dissidents, to outlaw dangerous truths,
to disarm the citizenry, to stamp out the threat of a rebellion by the goyim.”

You probably are right about the scrapping of civil rights and the establishment of a police state, though. But it won’t be for the purpose of stamping out Black crime. It will be White dissenters, not Black muggers and rapists and dealers, the System will be out to suppress. No doubt there will be crackdowns on street crime from time to time, just as there will be occasional flurries of activity in the laughably inept “war on drugs” the government claims to be waging. But both street crime and drugs will remain with us as long as the present System does.

The voters may become restless or even angry about crime now and then, and the politicians and the media will stroke them with a little law-and-order rhetoric, but the government certainly doesn’t want to suppress all criminal activity. The U.S. Congress has produced more than its proportional share of felons in the last decade, and I’m referring to common criminal activity – bribery, extortion, fraud, theft, perjury – not the much more serious crimes we’ll string the whole bunch up for when we get our hands on them. They wouldn’t be happy in a society where they didn’t have the freedom to steal and take bribes. And the men who control the news media are even less eager for a crime-free America. They like to sermonize against crime, but they don’t want to get rid of it. Fear of crime is one of the goads they use to keep the White population intimidated.

What we can foresee with reasonable certainty is the same sort of thing which has happened in Canada, Britain, West Germany, and other countries in recent years: the outlawry of any criticism of the Jews or their policies. In more settled and stable times the Jews could count on their control of most of the news and entertainment media to keep the great bulk of the population thinking the right thoughts and voting for approved candidates, just as they could count on the general ineffectiveness of the handful of dissidents who were trying to awaken the mass of the people to the dangers of Jewish policies. Anyway, in a democracy, where it suffices to fool most of the people most of the time, the straying of a few sheep usually is not a serious matter.

But the dissidents are multiplying and learning how to increase their effectiveness, at the same time that the breakdown of order is making the herd uneasy. The possibility that a few effective dissidents may throw a monkey wrench into the machinery of opinion control so carefully built up over the last half century, and perhaps even destabilize the Jew’s whole system of political control, is becoming an increasingly worrisome possibility for them. The time is coming to muzzle the dissidents, to outlaw dangerous truths, to disarm the citizenry, to stamp out the threat of a rebellion by the goyim. And that is what the government and the media will suspend civil liberties for. Except that they will call it something else. They will say that it is to keep all of us safer. And the chances are that the sheep will believe them.

Then we will be obliged to use different means.

And it will not last!

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