Dr. Pierce with his old friend Hans Schmidt

One of the last National Alliance meetings Dr. Pierce attended before his untimely death in July, 2002, was in February of that year down in North Georgia at Chester Doles’ National Alliance Local Unit’s headquarters building which Chester and other Alliance built for the purpose of holding their regular meetings.

Mr. Doles’ Local Unit was broken up when federal authorities sent him off to prison on a trumped up weapons possession charge soon after Dr. Pierce’s death. More here: http://www.rickross.com/reference/kkk/kkk66.html

Hans Schmidt was a long time friend of Dr. Pierce’s. For years, well into the 1990s, Dr. Pierce’s primary transportation while living in West Virginia was a 1972 Opel Kadett station wagon that Mr. Schmidt had given to him after it could no longer pass the stringent emissions standards for the Washington, DC, area.

Mr. Schmidt, who was chairman of the German American National Political Action Committee (GAN-PAC), died in 2010, but not before authoring several books, all available at Amazon.com. Here are a couple of interesting Amazon reviews of his last book:

5.0 out of 5 stars Should be required reading June 6, 2010
This book is unique in that it is a response to an opposing book written by a boyhood friend of the author. To me, that makes it potentially a very effective way to teach people critical-thinking skills. Get this book, than get Bruno Manz’s book and read both of them. Make your own decision on who is more concerned with actual truth. Normally people never do this, but there is no better way to open your eyes. I have done this more than anyone I have ever known and there is much we can learn from books like these. I think we can certainly learn more than we learn from constantly hearing better and better (read “more extreme”) versions of the official view of WW2. That’s not thinking, that’s training. History really is written by the victors. You can see that clearly just from reading this book.

This book is so interesting, unique and eye-opening that it should be read in high schools so people can look at the War from other perspectives. You cannot discount what he is saying just because some of it is politically incorrect. He includes examples and quotes from everyone from Julius Streicher to Elie Wiesel. He also does a lot of what I call “psychological archaeology” — where he shows that Germans were most definitely not evil or irrational. In fact, they appear to have been much more reasonable and rational than most people today. We are all subject to propaganda — which sinks into us because of what we see as a “respectable” opinion more than from the actual arguments. Most people only later come up with rationalizations for their views, not really ever knowing where those views came from. Social conditioning can shape your brain completely, and you will never learn to really think without reading books like these which show where the opinions you have originate.. There are not many books like this out there. This book definitely made my mind more free. Its better than any self-help book I ever read in that regard. It allows you to really think rather than just producing well-trained responses. Exercise your freedom of speech and read it. An amazing book by an amazing man — a real piece of history. It is a shame that it is out of print and so expensive now. I still think it is worth it at 100.00. It is that good.

5.0 out of 5 stars Schmidt Has Done It Again! July 11, 2006
After reading Hans Schmidt’s previous two books (Jailed in ‘Democratic’ Germany, and SS Panzergrenadier) I have come to love the author and his works. His style is so unique. He uses such great examples to really illustrate his point, and his books are real eye openers. This latest one is no different. Again, I was enthralled from first page to last, and I learned so much on a topic that is usually either distorted or suppressed. Hats off to Waffen-SS veteran Hans Schmidt! He is a symbol of courage and truth in a world in which cowardice and lies dominate.

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