Book Proves Hitler Saved the West

Book ReviewFrom National Vanguard magazine, Issue No. 115, November-December, 1995: 


By Victor Suvorov (translated from the Russian by Thomas B. Beattie). Published by Hamish Hamilton (London, 1990). _______________________________________Western Europe, Fall 1941: The Red Army sweeps on from Germany and France toward Italy and Spain. Everywhere the NKVD imposes the bloody terror already suffered by the tortured nations of the East. Political opponents, former army officers, shopkeepers, landowners, small farmers, members of youth movements and cultural associations — millions are rounded up. The fortunate ones are shot, many more die horribly in the blood-splattered basements of Communist interrogation centers. The rest join the endless columns shuffling to the Siberian Gulag. Only the prettiest girls are kept behind for now.

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