Dr. Pierce tells of changing strategy for the National Alliance

Transcript of a talk by Dr. Pierce to his followers back in the mid-1970s:

Changes Ahead

In the year which lies ahead of us, we must accomplish some things which we started to do this year but have not yet done. In order to accomplish those things we must make some substantial changes in the way we have been going about it. I want to talk to you tonight about those changes, but first I want to review the situation in which we find ourselves and the way we have responded to that saturation so far.

Perhaps the easiest way to begin is to refer to the film we saw here last Sunday, Triumph of the Will. That film showed us the triumphant outcome of an enormous and heroic act of will by an idealist, spiritually elite minority of the German people to free themselves form Jewish tyranny and cure themselves of the Jewish disease.
After World War I, the Jews had Germany exactly where they wanted her. She was defeated, demoralized, broke, and hungry–in other words, down, and so the Jews began kicking her. They launched a successful communist revolution in Bavaria, under Kurt Eisner. All over Germany they began acquiring the newspapers that were not already in their hands. As the economy collapsed, they took over more and more German businesses, homes, farms, shops, and factories. They slandered the German fighting men who had made such a heroic sacrifice at the front, much in the same way they incited the spoiled and mindless dregs of our own population here against the U.S. armed forces during the Vietnam War.
And everywhere they spread the infection of liberalism. Promoting every form of vice and degeneracy in the name of freedom. Homosexuality, drugs, prostitution, pornography, Negro music, degenerate art–all these things were pushed in Berlin and in the other major German cities to such an extent that Jews and liberals today still look back fondly on the decadence that they generated in the so-called Weimar Republic, which was Germany in the period form 1919 to 1933.
But the German people still had a strong and healthy minority among them which did not succumb to the Jewish poison. They defied the law–they defied the Jews and traitors who had taken over their country– and they secretly acquired weapons and they trained themselves and they fought the criminals who were destroying their people. Jews like Eisner and Rathenau they shot down on the street like the dogs they were. One of the top communists, a Jewess named Rosa Luxembourg, got her brains smashed out with a rifle butt and her corpse thrown into a canal.
And Hitler and the people who worked with him built a fighting movement which eventually won the support of the great masses of the German people, and they took Germany away from the Jews and the liberals. What we saw last week was the outcome of a 14-year struggle and the beginning of the building of a new German society, a strong, vital, healthy German society with the same spiritual basis the we in the Alliance have today.
In achieving his victory–in his 14-year struggle against the Jews and their allies–Hitler did not compromise or equivocate. He did not pretend to be a “conservative” or a “right winger.” He did not have any clever plan for sneaking up on the Jews form behind. He fought them openly and straightforwardly. He denounced them for the destructive parasites and the liars that they were, he announced that he intended to free this people form their influence, and he did it.
[T]he Germans, even in the most degenerate years of the Weimar era, never sank to the moral and spiritual depths to which Americans have sunk today. 
Now, what we done in Germany inspires all of us, I am sure. There are few, if any episodes in human history more beautiful and heroic than that which took place in Germany in the years 1919-1945–the rise and triumph of National Socialism. That is why the film, Triumph of the Will, has such a powerful effect on all of us. And we can learn many things from a study of the struggle of Germany.
But there are also some very significant differences between the German situation and ours today. For one thing, the Germans, even in the most degenerate years of the Weimar era, never sank to the moral and spiritual depths to which Americans have sunk today. The Jews did not have television in those days, and so they were not able to enforce the rigid conformity in public opinion in Germany that they are able to enforce in America. The Germans had a long and proud tradition of resistance to alien influences which we simply do not have here.
And the Germans did not have some 40 million or so Blacks, mulattos, quadroons, Chicanos, Middle Easterners, Far Easterners, and every other kind of non-White or half-White or three-quarters-White mongrel imaginable in their midst. They were all White, and they had only one enemy in their midst to focus on.
Well, despite the great physical and moral differences between the two situations, we have so far been going about our struggle here in much the same way the Germans went about theirs–that is by openly and straightforwardly exposing and attacking the Jews and the race-traitors who are destroying America. We have never equivocated or compromised. We have said as loudly and plainly as we know how what is wrong here and what needs to be done about it.
But we are not receiving form the American people the sort of response that the German National Socialists received from theirs. We are growing too slowly, and that is very dangerous. We are not recruiting new members fast enough; we are not building the circulation of ATTACK! fast enough; we are not increasing our resources fast enough to insure that we will be able to cross that crucial first threshold of viability we have talked about earlier, before it becomes too late.
We must reach the point beyond which that long-term survival of our community and the Truth it embodies can be assured no matter what happens, no matter how bad conditions become or what form of repression the enemy tries against us. We must cross that threshold before the Jews head us off at the pass, so to speak. But right now they are getting to the pass faster than we are.
So that means that, even though we are holding our own now–even though we could continue publishing our newspaper and our membership bulletin and holding our meeting indefinitely–we must do something else. We must reach the pass before the Jews do. The question is: How? How do we grow faster than we are growing now?
I have thought long and hard about this question, and I have listened to many suggestions form our members both here and around the country. I have been able to find only two possible answers.
The first answer takes us back again to the example the Germans set for us 50 years ago. We note that the Germans not only exposed and criticized the people who were attempting to destroy them, they not only published newspapers and leaflets attacking them and held protest meetings, they actually attacked them physically. And I don’t mean the way some of our so-called “militant” right-wing organizations attack the enemy today by having shoving contests during street demonstrations or by setting off stink bombs or playing other pranks on them. The German patriots shot them. They beat their brains out. They cut their throats.
And I have agonized over whether we should also do that. I have driven past Henry Kissinger’s townhouse probably 50 times when I had to go to Georgetown, and I have convinced myself that we could kill him, to a certain extent–but I have finally had to reject that answer, for this reason: any course of action we choose must not be chosen haphazardly, to suit our whims.
We cannot shoot Henry Kissinger just to see what happens or just because he needs shooting. Anything we do must be planned as carefully as it can be to fit into a strategy for reaching our goals–in this case, for crossing our threshold of viability. And I am convinced that shooting Kissinger would not help us reach that threshold, even if we got away with it so to speak–that is, even if we got credited for it–or suspected of it–without all getting locked up. And that is simply because the situation here is so different form what it was in Germany, in terms of the attitude of the public and the sort of reaction we could expect.
Actually, I think we have to give the German patriots credit for a lot more reckless bravery than we have so far shown, I don’t really believe they had yet worked out a long-range strategy before they began to act. In Eisner they saw a communist Jew who needed killing, so they killed him. And that act inspired others to kill Rathenau, who was to them simply a capitalist Jew who needed killing. They had the courage to act without regard for the consequences. And it so happened that the conditions in Germany were not altogether unfavorable for such a decision. But here it is different, I am convinced.
Anyway, if we wanted to begin physically attacking the enemy now, Kissinger would not be the best target–even though he still has a certain symbolic value. We do not need to begin shooting or stabbing or blowing up the Jews or the Blacks in America half so much as the Whites who collaborate with them. Instead of trying to assassinate all the head Jews or all the militant Blacks we might plan to strike Whites only–priests, judges, politicians, businessmen bureaucrats, editors and writers and news commentators and race-mixers of all kinds–in a sustained campaign until any White who collaborates with Jews or who defiles his race must be constantly in fear for his life. And so that the Jews, without so many White collaborators to front for them–without so many shabbos goyim–must take a more exposed position, so that it is evident to everyone who is running the System. Then after that has been achieved, we could begin dealing with non-Whites.
But the fact is that we cannot yet–or should not yet– begin such a campaign, because we cannot sustain it, and it would not be successful. We certainly do not want to go out in a blaze of glory like the Symbionese Liberation Army. The issue at stake is for too important for futile gestures.
So if we rule out that answer for now, we must turn instead to the second one, and that is to place more emphasis on building our foundations than we have in the past. That means a shifting of emphasis form attacking the enemy to teaching. preaching, and developing our resources for recruiting. It means less emphasis on the negative, on immediate problems and provocations, and more emphasis on the positive, on our long-range goal of striving toward Godhood.
[W]e can’t change [things] until we can provide a healthier spiritual environment… 
That may seem contradictory, since the thing we must do is achieve our short-range goal of crossing the threshold of viability–and we must do that as soon as possible, which means we must grow faster than we are growing now. And when one is faced with an urgent problem, an acute problem, one’s natural tendency is to lower one’s sights, forget about longer-range problems, and concentrate all one’s energy on immediate things.
In addition to that, the provocations the enemy presents us with almost daily are very hard to ignore. To allow the people who write the lies in the Washington Post to go unpunished, to fail to take action against the degenerates who promote racial mixing on the television networks, seems dishonorable. When one sees a racially mixed couple in public, one feels a moral obligation to do something. It is a national disgrace that Henry Kissinger has not been shot.
Even if one doesn’t take some physical action in these cases, one feels compelled to shout out one’s feelings to the public, to expose and condemn the malice and the greed and the foolishness which is destroying our race. One feels compelled to warn the people, over and over again. One feels that one must challenge a situation in which everything rotten and degenerate is held up to praise and everything right and good and noble is condemned.
But that is exactly what we have been spending most of our time and energy doing until now, and, regardless of how commendable or how justified such activity may be, it is not getting the job done well enough or fast enough.
It doesn’t do much good to say that if we could reach a million people each month with our newspaper and if 500 or 1,000 people came to each of our Sunday-evening meetings, then the types of things we are doing now would be sufficient.The fact is that we have certain resources now, and we are using all of them doing certain things, and we are not getting results fast enough. So we have to use those resources in some other ways instead–ways that will allow our resources to increase faster than they are increasing now, so that one day we can reach a million people each month with exposures and condemnations of the enemy and warnings for our people. And so we can launch sustained campaigns of direct action which can be maintained in the face of all the repressive power the enemy can bring to bear against us.
So more teaching and preaching and developing our resources for recruiting–a diversion of a part of our present resources form exposures and warnings to longer-range goals, a raising of our sights: Why should this be more successful than what we are doing now?
The answer is: Because of what the American people we’re trying to reach are like. Because of the reactions we have observed over and over again to what we are doing now.
Aside form the liberals and the conservatives, that is, people who, either though wrong-headedness or ignorance, don’t agree with us, the two most common negative reactions we encounter are fear and lethargy or lack of incentive. Let’s consider fear first.
We find two kinds of fear. One kind is unreasoning fear many people have that if they become affiliated with us in any way, even to extent of subscribing to ATTACK! the government or the Jews or the Blacks will find out about it and get back at them in some way. Some people imagine that Blacks in the postal service will notice that they are receiving ATTACK! in the mail and will assault them or say something hostile to them and embarrass them. Some imagine that the Jews will find out about them and will do something to damage their business or their credit rating or will somehow get them fired form their jobs. Others have a really pathological fear of the FBI. They are terrified by the thought that the FBI will put them on some sort of “enemies list.”
To those of us who understand a little better the way things actually work, such fears seem laughable and contemptible. We may be inclined to say that we don’t need such paranoids and cowards. But it is a fact that a very large portion of the population which otherwise agrees with us is afflicted by such fear, and it seriously limits our recruiting.
The thing which makes me feel there is some hope for recruiting many of these frightened people and getting some useful participation out of them is the memory of my own feelings 10 years ago, when I first published something critical of the System. I was afraid then. I was really worried that I might be assaulted on the streets by gangsters hired by the Jews and that hostile Blacks might try to break into my home and harm my family.
I soon found out how foolish my fears were. That doesn’t mean, of course, that there are no dangers in what we are doing, but the dangers are not what most people imagine them to be. And I am sure that if we could make the initial step of becoming affiliated with us less frightening, many more people wild be able to take the initial step and then, later, overcome their fears and go much further with us.
There is also another kind of fear people have, and that is a fear of doing something or being associated with something unpopular, something which will bring the disapproval of their friends or neighbors or co-workers. It’s a manifestation of herd instinct.
Now, the Jews have very wisely blackened, in the public mind, everything in which we believe. They have attempted to protect themselves by making any resistance to them, any White efforts at self-defense, seem disreputable. The average American is more terrified of being considered a racist–even it he is one, and most people are–than he is of being assaulted on the street or arrested by the FBI.
Again, just as with the other type of fear, we may be inclined to hold such people in contempt and to say that any worthwhile person should have the courage of his convictions. But, in fact, most Americans who agree with us do not have the courage of their convictions, and it doesn’t do us any more good to lament that fact than it does to lament the fact that people are so blind as not to see what the Jews are up to or so self-centered and materialistic as not to care. That’s the way people are, and we can’t change it until we can provide a healthier spiritual environment for them.
There are still people left in this country who have not spooked themselves with exaggerated fears of Black mailmen or the FBI and who are not afraid of being called a racist. We want and need such people. But I believe experience is showing us that there just aren’t enough such people. We need others too, and if we are to recruit them, we must try to find ways to help them overcome their fears.
There is no perfect solution to this problem, I am sure. There will always be people too timid to join us, no matter how much care we take to avoid spooking them. And we will always be too disreputable for some people, no matter how we try to change our public image. But I believe that downplaying the negative a bit and accentuating the positive can help our recruiting a great deal.
I am not talking about compromising our ideals in any way. I am not talking about ceasing to expose and condemn the Jews and those of our own race who collaborate with them. But I am talking about making it a little easier for those to join us who are not quite as strong or as brave as we would like. And that will mean shifting of emphasis.
Some of the things which in the past have been explicit–about physical action, about racial matters and the Jews, will have to be left implicit in the material intended for public distribution.
This shift will have to be mad primarily in our newspaper and in our leaflets and other printed materials. Some of the things which in the past have been explicit–about physical action, about racial matters and the Jews, will have to be left implicit in the material intended for public distribution.
Now, besides fear, the other problem I mentioned which we have to deal with if we are to grow faster is lack of motivation. Both among the public and among our own members we have a severe problem of inactivity–of people who are not afraid to come to meetings or to distribute ATTACK!s or to recruit other people, but who don’t do these things because they would rather watch TV.
We have not succeeded to the extent we should have in making these people want to participate. And for nearly everyone, that’s the key. They have to want to do something or they won’t do it. A sense of duty just isn’t sufficient, except for a very few–too few. Remember, we’re dealing mostly with the Spock generation.
This doesn’t mean we need a fun-and games approach to our revolution. It’s still going to be hard work and sacrifice, and there’s no way of changing that. But we can do a better job of motivating people to do their duty. And I believe there are two ways we can increase motivation. One way is through an increased understanding of our long-range goals–that is, though a raised state of consciousness, both among our own people and those we are tying to recruit. The other way is to try harder to have an organization which fills a real need in people’s lives.
The first way means more education and more consciousness-raising, with a stress on the message in our Affirmation. It means a bigger effort to make potential recruits fully aware that we are trying to do much more than solve a number of acute social and racial problems now confronting America–that our work is not over when the last Jew and the last shabbos goy have been buried, but that it will really be just beginning then–that the problems of today are merely an initial roadblock which must be cleared away so that we can begin a program of building and climbing that will go on and on, for generation after generation. And, again, that means a shifting of emphasis away form the terrible and disgusting things that are going on now which we want to stop to the new things that we want to begin doing in a cleansed America and in a cleansed world.
The second way means providing an opportunity for a sense of community in the lives of those who now have none, who feel isolated and alone in a hostile world because their outlook is similar to ours. It means providing a hope of fulfillment, a hope of doing something worthwhile, something with eternal meaning and significance, for those who have the terrible knowledge that their lives now are without meaning or significance and are thus being wasted.
And, again, that means a shift of emphasis form short-range things to long-range things. It means stressing the spiritual basis of our organization even at the expense of temporarily neglecting some of the current problems in the world around us.
It is too often the case now, I believe, that we try to recruit someone on the basis of working with us to halt the takeover of our schools by Black savages or to free our national news networks from Jewish control, and the prospective recruit agrees with us that it would be nice to do these things, but he looks at us–a few hundred people with no apparent resources beyond a monthly tabloid newspaper, and he looks at the enemy’s enormous resources, and he shakes his head and says to himself, “No way.” He just can’t work up any enthusiasm or motivation for trying to do something he doesn’t believe can be done. It’s just not worth the trouble, the embarrassment, the risk, the expense. So he stays in front of his TV set.
If, instead, that prospective recruit saw in us a spiritually compatible community which he might join, a group of kindred spirits whose beliefs and teaching he found exciting and soul-satisfying in themselves, then he might very well leave his television and participate with us in spreading our message because he wanted to, because he found it rewarding in itself. And so might many others also. And then what had seemed impossible before will have become possible, because we will have become much more than a few hundred, and our resources will have become much more than a single monthly tabloid.
Many of the ways in which we will shift emphasis in the months ahead remain to be seen. Some are already in progress. ATTACK! will change. Our BULLETIN will change. We will publish, as soon as we possibly can, a book citing a clear and fairly complete exposition of our philosophy and our long-term goals, that is, of the [Cosmotheist] spiritual basis of our existence.
But whatever we do will remain implicit in and derived form the one, eternal Truth contained in our Affirmation. We will merely be trying new ways of presenting that Truth, emphasizing new aspects of it, drawing new conclusions from it.

And whatever we do will depend upon the full and wholehearted participation of all those here tonight and all our bothers and sisters in spirit and in blood across the continent who also receive this message.


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