The Corrupters

by Dr. William L. Pierce
MAY I be cynical for a few minutes? I hope you don’t mind, but with the great democratic ritual of choosing a new President coming up in just a few days now, I can’t resist the urge to make a few cynical comments. (ILLUSTRATION: Peter Sichrovsky, author of Born Guilty: Children of Nazi Families)
Of course, it’s not just the current Presidential campaign which is the cause for my cynicism. Have you been watching the senatorial campaign in New York? Have you noticed how Mrs. Clinton and the Republican candidate, Rick Lazio, have been falling over one another in their eagerness to apply their lips to the posterior of the Jewish vote?
You certainly have seen what’s been going on in Palestine during the past few weeks. Even on American television, which always censors out the most atrocious behavior of the Jews and tries to present the news in the light most favorable to them, the basic pattern has been clear enough: Palestinians have been throwing rocks at the Jews, and the Jews have been shooting and killing Palestinians. Nearly all of those killed over there have been Palestinians. The Jewish news media over here portray the conflict as “Israelis responding to Palestinian violence,” in the sense of cops responding to robbers, but it’s clear to anyone with eyes and a brain where most of the violence is coming from.
And it’s clear how the violence got started again. The most hated Jewish politician over there, Ariel Sharon, deliberately provoked it. When he was in the Israeli military, Sharon used to send his troops into Palestinian villages and refugee camps to butcher unarmed civilians. That sort of behavior helped win him the votes of the raving-mad Orthodox Jews, who bob their heads up and down while praying at the “Wailing Wall” for their tribal god Yahweh to kill all the Gentiles and turn the world over to them, as he promised them 3,000 years ago.
Sharon is no longer an active-duty Israeli general, but he still knows how to win Jewish votes. He showed up at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem back at the beginning of the month with a huge contingent of armed bodyguards and Jewish secret police thugs, who chased away the Moslems who were praying in the mosque there. He swaggered around a bit, expressed his contempt for Moslems in general and Palestinians in particular, and left, but that was enough to infuriate Palestinians and provoke Palestinian boys into throwing rocks at Jewish soldiers, who responded by shooting them dead. Sharon’s popularity among religious Jews immediately shot up.
During the fighting a Lebanese militia took three Jewish soldiers as prisoners, and the Jewish media over here immediately began talking about “kidnapped” Jews. When armed soldiers are captured by an opposing armed force in a combat situation, the proper term is “prisoners of war,” not “kidnap victims,” but the people who put the spin on our news figured “kidnap victims” would be more likely to get sympathy from Americans. They want us to feel sorry for the Israeli soldiers who are shooting Palestinian children rather than for the children who are being shot.

Well, all of that’s a pretty transparent situation, and, even if it keeps the couch potatoes fooled, certainly both Mr. Lazio and Mrs. Clinton are smart enough to see through it. They understand what’s going on over there in Palestine. They know who the aggressors are; they know who the thieves, the butchers, the torturers, the child killers are. And yet they both grovel for the votes of the Jews over here, who support the activities of the Jews in Palestine. They pretend to believe whatever the Jews tell them. They pretend to be indignant when the United Nations asks the Jews to stop killing Palestinian children. They pretend to believe that the Jews are inoffensive and innocent and are being picked on by wicked Palestinians.
And, really, Rick Lazio and Hillary Clinton are not atypical. The fact that these two are campaigning in New York brings the Jewish issue to the fore in their campaign, of course, but the truth of the matter is that every politician in Washington also would grovel for Jewish votes in the same way. The whole system has become corrupt in its very essence.
Now, I’ll tell you what I was thinking about while watching a recent Lazio-Clinton debate. Of course, I felt a certain sense of shame, of embarrassment. Neither Rick Lazio nor Hillary Clinton is a Jew. They are, unfortunately, a part of our people. We are responsible for them. But — and this is the important point — the Jews are responsible in a very general sort of way, for the fact that people so lacking in character and integrity are political candidates, and that one of them will end up in the U.S. Senate.
We always have had both bad and good men and women among our own people. We always have had crooks and swindlers and con men and liars and traitors. We have had manipulators and fast-buck artists and lawyers and child molesters among our own people. But it wasn’t often that we chose the fast-buck artists and the swindlers to govern us and make our laws. At least, we were less likely to choose such people before we let the Jews take over our news and entertainment media and begin controlling the opinions and attitudes of the lemmings, of the electorate. Before that, not every candidate for public office was a crook.
One other thing for which we ourselves are responsible is having a type of government which is a natural breeding ground for con men and liars. The Jews didn’t do that to us. In fact, all Jews were banned from Britain during the period when the parliamentary form of government developed there, during the 14th, 15th, 16th, and first half of the 17th century. Edward I sent them all packing in 1290, because they were causing too much dissension and were involved in too much mischief in his kingdom, and it was more than 350 years later when Oliver Cromwell, deranged by a Puritan infatuation with the Old Testament, permitted them to start trickling back in. And, of course, the rat’s nest of a system we have in Washington now grew out of the English parliamentary system.
And so we cannot blame the Jews for the fact that we have many fools and many knaves among our own people, and we cannot blame them for the fact that we have a system of government which is so susceptible to corruption: a system in which fools are allowed to vote and knaves are allowed to hold office. So this weakness, this susceptibility to manipulation and corruption, was inherent in us even without the intervention of the Jews. But you know, the Jews have an amazing talent for sniffing out weaknesses in others and then figuring how to turn those weaknesses to their own advantage.
And really, that is what makes the Jews special. That is what has made them more hated than any other race by all the peoples among whom they have dwelled throughout recorded history. Jews aren’t hated just because they think they’re God’s chosen people. There are other tribes which also have delusions of grandeur. The Chinese, for example, believe that they are racially superior to the other Asiatic peoples around them. And perhaps they are, but who cares, except the Chinese?
And the Jews aren’t hated just because they shoot Palestinian children or go on throat-cutting rampages in refugee camps. Other tribes also have murderous reputations: the Turks, for example. And the Jews aren’t hated just because there are even more fast-buck artists among them than among us, or because they have stickier fingers than most. The Gypsies have a similar reputation, and although no one wants to have Gypsies around, they don’t often inspire the intense hatred that Jews do.
Jews are hated, first and foremost, because they are corrupters. They are hated, by those who are aware of what they are doing, because they involve us in their dirty business. They are hated because, instead of doing their own dirty work, like the Chinese or the Turks or the Gypsies, they deceive and manipulate us into doing it for them. They get us to support them in their murder of Palestinian children. They make us pay for it, they make us supply the weapons, and they make our government express approval of it.
The Chinese or the Turks or the Gypsies may endanger our property or our security or our economic well-being, but the Jews endanger our souls. Other aliens exploit us only externally; the Jews, like an especially insidious disease organism, get inside us and change the way we think and behave in order to make us easier prey for them to exploit.
A few days ago someone sent me an excerpt from a Jewish book published in 1988 by Basic Books in New York. The title is Born Guilty: Children of Nazi Families. It was written by a Jew in Germany, Peter Sichrovsky, and it is in effect a survey of the extent to which the compulsory brainwashing program imposed on Germans after the Second World War has been successful. It consists of the transcripts of a series of interviews with young Germans conducted by the Jew. Unfortunately, the brainwashing program has been very successful, and between the lines of the book one can read the author’s gloating over the Jews’ accomplishment in making young Germans hate their parents and grandparents and feel guilty for being German, although in typically Jewish fashion he complains that the Germans don’t feel guilty enough.
It was Jews, of course, who designed the truly satanic, soul-destroying programs of so-called “denazification” and “reeducation” which were imposed on the German people. It has been at Jewish insistence that laws have been enacted in Germany and Austria making it a penal offense to contradict or even question any detail of the Jewish “Holocaust” story or to suggest that the Jews themselves were in any way to blame for their lack of popularity in Germany before the war. Making it illegal to oppose the brainwashing has been a factor in its effectiveness, of course. Locking people up for reading the “wrong” sort of books or listening to the “wrong” sort of music helps to keep other Germans in line. Banning political parties in Germany that fail to follow the Jewish party line helps too. And all of this has made it a little easier, no doubt, to suck the 70 billion or so dollars in reparations the Jews have extracted from the Germans since the war.
But this uniquely Jewish mode of parasitism has robbed the Germans of infinitely more than money. It has corrupted their souls — and deliberately so. In the old days when someone won a war he collected tribute from the conquered nation. He made them pay. But he didn’t meddle with their souls. He didn’t try to corrupt them spiritually. He left them free to be themselves, to feel and think whatever they wanted, so long as they paid the tribute demanded of them. But with the Jews, corrupting the victim is the main thing. And they are uniquely equipped for corruption by having a faculty for deception that is so far above that of any other people that it really must be considered different in kind as well as in degree.
In the book I just cited, Born Guilty, the Jewish author Sichrovsky writes:

It is no accident that I, a Jew, someone not burdened by past guilt, should have tackled the question of how these descendants of the perpetrators came to terms with the problem.

The arrogance of that statement — “I, a Jew, someone not burdened by past guilt” — is really breathtaking. Sichrovsky, like most Jews, accepts the idea of collective guilt, of racial guilt passed from one generation to the next: “Your Nazi grandparents persecuted us Jews, so you owe us!” Which is to say, the Jews accept the idea of other races being guilty; they certainly don’t accept the idea of their own guilt. You know, one of the principal reasons the Germans didn’t like Jews and wanted them out of Germany in the 1930s was based on the Jews’ support of communism, on the Jews’ espousal of the doctrine of their fellow Jew, Marx. The Germans knew what the Jews were doing to the Ukrainians and the Russians under communism, and they didn’t want the Jews doing it to them too. They knew that the communists were implementing the Jewish doctrine of egalitarianism — they were equalizing Ukraine and Russia — by murdering wholesale the best Ukrainians and the best Russians. The Germans knew about the mass executions being carried out in Russia by the communists. They knew about the death camps, the slave-labor camps. They knew who were running these death camps. They knew who the commissars were. And believe me, Sichrovsky knows too — and yet he piously writes, “I, a Jew, someone not burdened by past guilt. . . .”
Pious fraud: that is something for which they have a unique talent. The chief actor in the pious fraud racket in the United States is the professional “survivor” Elie Wiesel. Wiesel gets $25,000 plus expenses each time he consents to lay a little collective guilt on a Gentile audience, and he does it fairly often. With a sad — really a mournful — expression on his terribly Jewish face, he spins his fairy tales about how those awful Nazis persecuted and mistreated him and all of the other innocent, inoffensive, sensitive, caring Jews: people not burdened by past guilt. And he never cracks a smile or shows a trace of embarrassment. And the hypnotized idiots in his audience lap it all up. Wiesel is a corrupter of souls. And he is only one of many.
For decades the most influential and revered Orthodox Jew in New York was Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson: the so-called Lubavitcher Rebbe and hereditary leader of the Chabad movement. Every politician in New York, Jew or Gentile, genuflected to the good rabbi. Schneerson died in 1992, but Hillary and Rick and the rest still pay tribute to him, expressing admiration for his wisdom and his piety. As a matter of fact, throughout his career Schneerson preached the hatred of all non-Jews that is inherent in Judaism. Other Orthodox Jews, such as Al Gore’s vice-presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, are reticent about the more invidious aspects of their religion; in fact, they will simply lie to you about it if you question them. But Rabbi Schneerson wasn’t reticent at all. He spelled it out for his followers in his lectures and his writings. He taught that non-Jews are sub-human, that they are like cattle, created by the Jewish god Yahweh only to serve the Jews. He taught this explicitly, openly, over a period of many years.
I’ll quote directly from one of Rabbi Schneerson’s lectures. This is taken from a book of his lectures published in Israel in 1965. The English title of the book is Gatherings of Conversations:

This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of a member of any other nation of the world . . . . The Jewish body looks as if it were in substance similar to the bodies of non-Jews, but . . . the bodies only seem to be similar in material substance, outward look, and superficial quality. The difference of the inner quality, however, is so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews. . . . Their bodies are in vain. . . . An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist. A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul comes from holiness.

And there’s much, much more in the same vein, although reading Rabbi Schneerson’s lectures is not easy. Like the Talmud, they are full of hair-splitting, lawyer-like quibbling and references to obscure authorities. If you spend much time reading the Talmud and ask yourself what kind of people could be governed by such a strange religion, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion both Rabbi Schneerson and I have come to: the Jews and we really are completely different species.
The Jews of the New York Times and all of the other Jews covered for Schneerson, of course. No one ever denounced his teaching or called him a “hater.” Instead, he always was praised as a sort of living saint. And as I said, the Gentile politicians like Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio, who really know better, still genuflect whenever his name is mentioned. And the Jews play right along. What contempt they must have for us! How easy it is to deceive us!
And how easy it is to bleed us! When a U.S. Navy destroyer, the USS Cole, was attacked in the Red Sea last week and nearly 20 American sailors were killed, not one government official was willing to place the blame where it belonged. Mr. Clinton’s Jewish secretary of defense was on television promising that he would search to the ends of the earth to find and punish the people responsible for the attack.
Hey, Mr. Cohen! You don’t have to search that far to find those responsible for the deaths of our sailors. The Jews have been murdering Palestinian children for the past three weeks, with the support of your government. The Jews have been firing rockets into Palestinian apartment buildings from helicopter gun ships supplied to Israel by your Defense Department. Last week 70 U.S. senators signed a resolution of support for this sort of Jewish behavior. That was the Senate of which you used to be a member before you became Secretary of Defense. It was you who sent the USS Cole into harm’s way in order to maintain a blockade of Iraq: a blockade which in no way serves American interests but which is demanded by Jews because Iraq is an enemy of Israel. Mr. Clinton came on television and said that our ship wasn’t on a hostile mission. You certainly understand, Mr. Cohen, even if Mr. Clinton doesn’t, that blockading another country with a warship is a hostile action: it is an act of war. Did you really expect all of the non-Jewish people of the Middle East being victimized by the United States acting on behalf of the Jews to simply sit on their hands forever and let themselves continue to be victimized?
No, you really didn’t expect that, did you, Mr. Cohen? You knew that eventually the victims of your government’s policies would fight back. But you didn’t really care, so long as Jews didn’t get killed. You and your fellow Jews, both in this country and in Israel, are responsible for the attack on the USS Cole, and you know it. But still you go on television and refer to the attack as an act of terrorism and the attackers as cowards. Two brave men stand at attention as they willingly sacrifice their lives in order to strike a blow for their people in the only way they can, and you call them cowards and terrorists!
Ah, Mr. Cohen, you and your fellow Jews really do have contempt for our intelligence, don’t you? One of these days we will make you understand that there are a few of us who aren’t lemmings, a few of us who can see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears and figure things out for ourselves. That will be the day when we begin settling the score with those who have been deceiving and corrupting and bleeding our people for so long.
* * *
Source: Free Speech magazine, November 2000, Volume VI, Number 11

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