“We’ll Remember, Dr. Pierce!”

From http://nationalvanguard.org/2012/07/william-pierce-a-reminiscence/  (24 July 2012): 

William Pierce: A Reminiscenceby Robert S. Griffin

“The only immortality that is real is the memory among the living of what we did with our lives.”

DR. PIERCE HADN’T RETURNED my e-mails for two weeks, or was it three? Not like him.

And then his weekly radio program was a repeat. That gave me pause. I hadn’t ever remembered that happening before. I thought about how several times he had said to me, “I have no idea what I am going to do for the radio show this week. There is not one thing in my head.” “Put on a repeat,” I had suggested. “Oh no, I can’t do that,” he immediately came back. Getting . . .

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